Treating fungal toenail infections

Fungal toenail infections are common.  The infection causes thickened and discoloured nails.  It is usually painless and may only affect one nail, but it can be unsightly.  It may develop ‘out of the blue’ with no apparent reason, but nails which have recently been damaged are more likely to be infected, or it can spread from a fungal skin infection (e.g. athlete’s foot). Poor circulation, a general poor state of health, and smoking can also increase your risk of being infected.

As a Foot Health Practitioner, I would use a burr to thin the nail and make it porous, and then apply a topical antifungal ointment to the nail.  Having made the nail porous with the burr, the oil will get right into the nail bed and help fight the infection.  I would advise my client to apply the antifungal ointment at home as well.