Your Footcare and Coronavirus / Co-vid 19

In these uncertain times, I thought I should update you about your Footcare. 

Myself and my family are currently well, but if I or anyone in my household becomes infected with Covid-19, I will need to cancel all my client appointments until 14 days after onset of the illness and where you / they are fully recovered as part of self-isolation measures. 

If I develop a high temperature and/or a persistent cough that is new, then I will need to cancel all client appointments for at least 14 days until my symptoms have resolved as part of self-isolation measures.

If you, as my client, have a confirmed case of Covid-19 or a high temperature and/or a persistent cough that is new you will need to rearrange your appointment until you have fully recovered (waiting at least 2 weeks).

If you, as my client, is particularly vulnerable (advancing age, underlying health conditions etc) then I will make a risk assessment based decision as to whether your foot care needs are important enough to warrant potential contact. 

This information is correct at the time of my writing this, but as we know the situation is extremely fluid, and things may change quickly.

If, for example, the Government declare that the over-70’s are to self-isolate for a period of time, then I will need to cancel all up-coming appointments with these clients.  I will however contact them over the phone to discuss any concerns they may have regarding their feet and I will provide key advice to you that way. 

I hope what I have written all makes sense.  I will of course be in touch if the situation changes.

Please do get in touch if you have any questions about anything. 

Look after yourselves!

Best wishes 


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