Feedback for Footcare

I really do enjoy doing my job!

Not only do I get to meet such a wide variety of people and feet, but I love the joy that a footcare treatment can bring to someone.

I’ve recently received some lovely comments from my patients about the footcare I have given them, including:

‘I experienced a wonderful sensation, after your attention, of my feet being years younger’

‘Thank you so much for what you do to mine and my husbands feet, you are definitely what you call a ‘find’ and we will definitely rebook with you’

‘You’ve done it again. Two very satisfied and comfortable patients. Thank you very much for coming and looking after our welfare’

‘Once again you have worked your brand of magic and our feet are feeling the benefit of it’.

It really makes me smile to receive such lovely feedback like this, and to know that I am making people’s lives better (by caring for their feet) especially in these difficult times!

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