Client with very sore ingrowing toenail!

I did a very successful PNR (Partial Nail Resection) on a client recently (not sure what one of these is – more information can be found here.)   My client was a guy in his late 20s, and was suffering with a very sore, and infected ingrowing toenail on his big toe.  He had been taking antibiotics to help (given to him by his GP) but as the nail was still ingrowing, more needed to be done.  On my home visit to him, I was able to establish where the nail was spiking into the skin, and cut back past this section and remove the offending piece of nail with my special nippers.

I won’t lie to you, my client was in a bit of pain as I was doing this, but his wife was by his side, and the relief he felt as I was  able to pull the nasty piece of nail out, was astounding and made up for it.  He said that all of a sudden it wasn’t as painful anymore.  He was also very happy that I was able to show him the offending piece of nail, which happened to be very bloody too – he did say that he was going to show his mates later as he was very proud of it!

If you think you may benefit from a PNR, like this client did, please do get in contact with me

Prices are from £30 for the first appointment.

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