Winter Feet

Winter feet

Many of us prepare our feet for summer and the wearing of sandals, but I know that in contrast few prepare them for winter, choosing instead to hide them away and forget about them in thick socks and boots.

Common winter foot problems

Hard, dry and cracked skin
The warm, dry central heating in our houses has a lot to answer to for this, as does the constant change in temperature between being outside and inside.

The NHS have some really useful information and advice about this common foot problem. See

Ingrown toenails
With less freedom to move around, toes are squished together inside your boots and heavy socks, which can make your toenails more prone to becoming ingrown.

How to minimise potential winter foot problems:

Make sure that your feet maintain a steady temperature.
For example wear socks and shoes whenever you go outside in the cold, even if you are only putting the rubbish out. Ensure that you don’t wear shoes which haven’t dried out properly. And try not to walk barefoot inside, but rather wear socks and or slippers. As your body adjusts to the cold, it focuses more blood to your vital organs, leaving your extremities, like your feet and hands, to suffer the consequences. By keeping your feet warm, blood flow will improve to them. The increased circulation will help to nourish skin cells, keeping your skin healthy.

Make moisturiser your friend. Using a good quality foot cream at least once a day, ideally at night, will keep your feet soft and supple and limit them drying out. Drinking more water will also keep your feet better hydrated.

How can I and Nicola Ruddick mobile footcare help you and your winter feet?

If you are suffering from hard, dry and cracked skin, I can help you with this. Please see corns for more information.

If you have a painful ingrown toenail, I can also help you with this. Please see for more information.

If you are unsure what foot moisturiser to buy, I recommend the Foot Massage and Lubricating Cream from Podiacare. This cream contains a unique combination of essential oils and can be bought from me for £8 a tube.

If you have any questions about anything I have written about or would like to make an appointment to see me, please contact me on: or

07824 363601

I look forward to hearing from you.

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